We are a young Malaysian Buddhist music group 🎶 aimed to create relatable and youth appealing music to connect youths all around 🌏 and spread Dhamma values ☺️

Our story starts in June 2018 📅. We were all involved in the annual BUDDY Camp 2018: Kataññutā. Out of the blue, Robin had an idea of having a theme song for the camp 🔥 Pauline and Kelvin joined Robin in composing the camp song titled Kataññutā. For the first time, BUDDY Camp had its very own camp song.

From the positive feedback we received, we were encouraged and driven to compose more original songs 💪 It was there and then where BuddySings! was born. Madeline and Deborah had since then joined us in the journey of creating music 🎹 and performing in front of live audiences.

As we entered 2020, the year of the pandemic😷, physical performances were no longer possible. Thankfully, we took a step into the world of social media and kick-started our journey to build our social media presence just in time before the pandemic occurred! With that, the idea of #TunesDay came along; bringing new covers and mash-ups every Tuesday to our followers 🤗

However, behind the curtains of #TunesDay that we show to audiences, we have also worked hard to prepare for the release of our original songs! 😍 This time, professionally produced and repackaged as brand new songs to be shared with the whole world 🌏☺️❤️ We plan to release a total of 6 original songs throughout 2021 and 2022 that will be packaged as our first ever EP!

Along this journey, we have also recruited Kai Li & Qi Wei! They were huge fans of ours when we first started back in 2018!🤩 With additions to our band, we pushed ourselves and worked hard to launch our first two singles, Kataññuta and Wheel Of Life.

Our Dream

  • Spread the teachings of the Buddha through music

  • Attract youths to the teachings of the Buddha through relatable and appealing music

  • Foster fellowship among youths through Buddhist music

  • Create a new era of Buddhist music

  • Inspire others to contribute to the Buddhist community

Meet The Team

Kelvin Chan

Pauline Loo

Qi Wei Lim

Kai Li Chiam

Soniafaye Ng

Bryan Phang

Madeline Yee

Chern Tee Chew